Help: How do I rescan for Sky channels on Amstrad DRX550?

Found 2nd May 2009

Picked up a 2nd hand Amstrad DRX550. The channels the previous person had work ok but cant get documenteries. I know it storing the older person setting as it has BBC Wales not BBC Scotland on channel 101.

Anyone know how to get the Sky box to rescan so I can get all my channels?

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get your own card off sky
the channel selection is made due to the address where the card owner is registered.
You obviously bought the box from someone in Wales thats why your getting BBC Wales not Scotland
It is my own card from my old Sky box. Its my new one they've just sent me. Sky are re-registering the card with the new box now. Thought the card held the channel list and you simply scanned for the channels... it would seem its not that simple. Sky help is fixing it though. Thanks for info though.
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