Help! How do you get hair dye out of the carpet?!

Posted 18th Jun 2008
Ive accidentally got hair dye on my hall carpet and it wont wash out. Any ideas what might help shift it? Any help gratefully received
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Carpet Colour And Dye Colour Please?
My GF dropped a spot on a beige carpet and I used one of her nail-polish remover pads to get the vast majority of it out if that's any help?
isit dry? quick keep it wet if you can…php
I got paint on my carpet the other week. I got most of it out by not letting the stain set, and using Vanish Oxi action carpet spray.

Might work in your situation too
Does the dye on the carpet match the curtain colour, it may work in a bizarre arty way !!
As someone else mentioned DONT let it dry
Some girl said this

"I know this is kind-of wierd, but I used shampoo and nail polish romover. If that doesnt work, I recomend cutting out that peice of carpet and put a new peice where is was."

Dunno if it works or not except the cutting bit
it was dry before i noticed it and the carpet is light brown, dye is black. Havent got any stain remover or nail varnish remover ( i know i know what woman doesnt have nail varnish remover!)
1001 gets everything off - I only have one carpet - in bedroom but founf 1001 brilliant it is lbeige and the 1001 has got black marks off it several times, I do not dilute - I just spray leave for 10 mins and go back with damp cloth, twice if necessary:)
Don't think you can patch carpet like that unfortunately, it'll fray to within an inch of its life
If The Die Is Dark And The Carpet White Or Light Use Peroxide
get wood flooring :thumbsup:
The Solution...Household - Hair Dye

Step 1

Help is at hand.
Step 2

Blot up all residue with kitchen towel.
Step 3

Apply a solution of Borax. Mix 1 tablespoon of Borax to 1 pint of warm water (rubber gloves should be worn when using Borax).
Step 4

Gently treat the stain with the solution taking care not to overwet the area.
Step 5

Repeat application if necessary.
Step 6

Vacuum when dry.
After treating the stain, blot up any excess liquid.

Always test an inconspicuous area before use.
Always wear rubber gloves.
If all else fails, ikea have some nice mats you can cover it up with!
dye the rest of the carpet the same colour :-)
Thanks for all your help guys. Its not come out but i have tried to keep it wet and i will go get some stain remover from the shop to see if i can get it out
i think the important question is "do the colour and cuffs now match?" :lol:
Ring the helpline number on the hair dye packet for advice.
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