Help! How do you tone down dyed hair...PLEASE?!

Found 25th Jul 2009
Okay...tried a different shade and it has gone waaaaay too dark - i look like Morticia! Is there anything i can do to lighten it. I have tried a cheapy shampoo ( as it has stripped the colour in the past when i didn't want it to) but all it has done is make it shiney - grrr, Any ideas please??
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that aussie shampoo generally strips colour
head and shoulders is suppose to strip coloured hair but to be honest unless you use a harsh chemical nothing is going to trone it down after a few washes
If Semi - Permanent keep washing it,but I guess you probably done permamanent,it be a dear do to fix at salon if you do that route
i would have also said head & Shoulders thats harsh on hair
thanks for your speedy replies peeps. I have aussie - but ironically it's the one for coloured hair - the one to preserve it. Head and Shoulders - yup - brilliant for stripping colour - i've found that out to my cost in the past. 'Fraid it was a permanent colour, but i might try a bit of citrus h & s - mmm - lemon juice might that work?

i would have also said head & Shoulders thats harsh on hair

same here thats what i was told
You can get a colour stripper but not cheap, or get an even lighter semi-permanent
Why not get one of those Garnier Nutrisse Multi light kits and add some natural looking highlights into it maybe will lighten it up a bit and make it more natural looking.
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