Help, How much is my 2 months old 8600gt graphics card worth

    Hi all, due to an unexpected cheap upgrade to a better card how much do you reckon this card is worth, it is only 2 months old has never been overclocked, any help would be much appreciated


    Presuming its the 512MB version i dont think, second hand, its worth much more than about £30. You can buy it new from about £40. A good brand may be worth a few quid more but dont expect too much. Im sure others will post. Perhaps if you put it in the fs/ft forum you might get an offer.


    Yes, unfortunately, the 8600gt was the middle of the range card for Nvidia almost two generations ago.

    Technology plummets in price very quickly alas.

    People on this forum tend to be quite savvy. I would stick it on eBAY as there are plenty of people who bid higher prices on eBAY than the brand new price from e-mail companies delivered. This is certainly true for graphics cards. 8600 GT tends to go between £33 to £50. But on eBAY you need to consider the £5 or so postage.

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    Great thanks very much for the advice
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