help how much is my xbox worth

    xbox 360 with 2 pads, 20gb hdd and wireless guitar with the following games

    smackdown vs raw 2007
    c.o.d 2,3,4,5 and 6
    the club
    just cause
    fallout 3
    stuntman ignition
    turning point
    condemned 2
    strangle hold
    ghost recon advanced warfighter
    fight night 4
    guitar hero 3 and legends of rock
    tiger woods 07
    perfect dark zero ltd edition
    the simpsons

    all boxed and in perfect condition


    £150-£175.00 Maby ?

    Original Poster


    Sell the games seperately & you'll get nearer £250

    you should sell them cod 4, 5 and 6 you should get a decent return from them.

    Sell the brick with 1 pad and sell the other one apart. the cheap games you can bundle up!

    Doubt you'll get anything like 250.

    20 gb console with 2 pads is worth about a ton now.
    You'll be lucky to get another hundred quid for the games. Might get 70 for COD 4,5,6 plus Fight Night 4. GH stuff might get you 10-20 The rest of the games are old/crap/worthless.

    Original Poster

    how will i get nearer 250
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