Help - How to complain about an online business - Please!!

    I'm having a problem with a site -… .

    It is a referral site, where you complete a certain amount of referrals and then they should send you a gift. I say should, because I am not having any luck with getting my gift from them!! I completed my referrals in excess of 6 months ago, yet nothing has changed on my account.

    I have sent countless emails but have never received a reply. The annoying thing is, that they are still trading and still accepting new accounts.

    Does anyone know of anyway to complain about this? I believe they are based in the USA, but I don't know where to find their address. I think I can complain to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) but I need an address to submit my complaint.

    Any help or advice would be very welcome. :thumbsup:


    Most of these types of sites are scams, and I doubt you will get anything from them.

    I cant think of where to write to, however I would suggest you try writing to them, explaining the situation and that you are going to take the matter further as they have so far not solved it.

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    Thanks, but I can't find their address anywhere. I know they have to register as a business but I don't know where to get the info from.

    I know this site has been around for quite a while and has delivered in the past. I'll keep searching and hopefully I'll find something.

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    try the patent office they might have the info or trading standardsor try … try the patent office they might have the info or trading standardsor try searching for the domain host, they will have postal details i think


    Have found the domain host, but it doesn't give the address of the freebiefreebie owner, only the address of the domain host. It does give an address to write to if I have any legal complaints though, so at least I have something to go on.
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