Help: How to hook up a HD TV as a monitor.

    Do you need any special leads or anything.

    I have ordered a computer from Dell.....

    Intel COre 2 Q6600 Quad Core
    1GB 667Mhz Ram (to be replaced with 4gb Corsair 800Mhz from Scan)
    320GB Hard drive.

    But I have no monitor, and like the idea of hooking the TV up as one. As the Dell comes without a monitor, will it even come with monitor leads? etc etc

    Cheers for any help in advance.

    // James2805


    What TV? There should be either a VGA or DVI connection on your telly if it's new ish

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    Yeh its newish. a Samsung HDTV, dont know model number and that.

    So should have a DVI or VGA connection and will just be able to connect it with a DVI to DVI lead?Will this come with Dell computer? or have to buy it?

    it will come with a VGA connection I would think. So you will probably need a DVI to VGA cable... Google it!

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    Cool cool, will wait and see what connection the PC comes with I suppose

    :thinking: You'll probably find that PC comes with a DVI out and TV has a HDMI in ... or at least that would be my guess :thinking:

    yep thats normally how they are.... compter dvi HD tv HDMI you can get the cables for about £15 delivered though so not huge spendings

    one of ]these should do you right. £5.78 delivered :thumbsup:

    you have also checked that you GFX card is powerfull enough to drive it yes???

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    The system I buying only comes with onboard gfx I think...... so would you not be able to hook that up to the TV then? I thought that you would only need a powerful gfx card to actually transmit HD video or whateva.

    I'm planning on getting a 512mb 8800GT or something sometime in next month or something anyway. THat would be sufficient?

    I changing rooms in month or so... so wouldnt be hooking new PC up to that TV until then probably anyway. Was gonna test with the TV before I move though.

    write back

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    Yeah, you don't need much to run at 1920x1080. It seems unlikely that the dell will come with cables, if you're not ordering a system with a monitor it's probably assumed you already have a monitor and cable.


    one of ]these should do you right. £5.78 delivered :thumbsup:

    I got one of these from the same supplier off ebay... does exactly what it is supposewd too and good pirce, but noticed colour bleed that wasn't there before using VGA to VGA :?
    But it could obviously be my LCD.
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