Help! How to list on ebay with final value fees promotion?

Found 18th Feb
Trying to list a few items to start soon using the max £1 final value fee promotion, but I cant see any evidence that the promotion is in effect. Should it show up somewhere even if the item is scheduled? How can I activate it?

Would apreciate some fast help here, thanks!
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Go to All Selling and you should see Promotional Offers at the bottom of the page
You will have an email with a blue button to activate it. Check your messages. Or follow one fo the links on here and you will end up on a page that says Yes you have it or No you don't.

Once accepted, you don't get any further notification while listing. But it works. It the only thing I like about eScam. I still get scammers, fake bids, offers outside auction, post auction haggling fr fake reasons etc.
Usually when you check the promotional offers in the selling section of your account you should see for example 100 listings available with the promotional fees and the number should go down when you list within the promotional period.
For me its at the top of the home page in blue, simply click and its active?
Thanks for the fast replies. It looks like all the items I listed are showing as included in the promotion, now that the listings have begun. I was worried that they were not showing while they were sheduled... but seems ok now so thanks for the help guys!
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