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Found 25th Aug 2017
Hello all,

I am just a desk set up and pulled my printer out of storage. It's got some light marks of white sprinkled over it from flag deco 2yrs ago. I've tried rubbing it of with water and clothe with no luck.

Can anyone recommend any product that works on plastic?

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Babywipes are normally really good at removing paint from any surface.
If the printer works, just leave it. You are likely to do more harm than good by using some kind of solvent on it. You could try removing the spots with something like a Stanley knife blade if they are really annoying you.
MrSpooniverse20 m ago

Babywipes are normally really good at removing paint from any surface.

Does this work on dried on paint like op describes? I've used wipes on fresh paint but never on dried on stuff. I would be so happy if it did because I have a bit of skirting with splashes on. Then again I would be seriously concerned about what it did to babies bottoms.
Try JML or Flash magic erasers usually available in pound shops etc
White spirit or turps.
If the paint is two years old it won't be removed by any solvent that would not destroy the plastic - it will need scrapping off!

With a paint scraper you will need to be very careful to not damage the plastic! I'd start with a pan scourer - wetting it to improve lubrication and a little washing liquid will help.
Babywipes work on dried paint. I've even used them to remove dried Superglue from a glass table. It does make me wonder about what they do to a babies skin though!
Thank you all for your replies. I will try baby wipes. But must say I will be very surprised if it works..
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you can get paint wipes from any diy store. great little tissue looking thing, good for paint removal.
All you need is a sharp blade, don't scratch the plastic just flick the paint off. Don't use any solvent because all you will do is soften the paint and spread into any texture of the plastic.
try lynx deodorant it will remove most things but test it first on a hidden part
Agree with above. Pampers baby wipes are best for cleaninf. Really good for cooker hoods
Methylated spirits. It's a cleaner and mild paint stripper. Works best on water based paints
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