Help ! How to transfer Mini DV to PC ? (DCR_HC22E)

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Found 17th Mar 2009
I have got Sony DCR_HC22E which takes Mini DV and i have now around 30 mini DV cassetes which is never transferd to PC. Once i tried using the normal USB cable provided by Sony but the video clarity was so poor it looked like webcam capture. I went PC world and they have dazzle card for video transfer but it don't mention anything about the clarity or image loss while transfering the movie. Now firewire cards, none of them mentiones about image satability all it says is speed of transfer, there are firewire cards from 7pounds till dont know the costly ones. If anyone can please throw a bit more information please, then the kids would enjoy the nappy memories.

8 Comments…tml I have a Miglia Take 2 unit, and it works a treat. Discontinued now, but can still be purchased. Keep an eye on evilbay as you can pick one up for about £50...A firewire card and windows movie maker will do the same trick for about a tenner :thumbsup:

Also, there are a few guys who will do it for you on evilbay (put tapes on to dvd) Email them and haggle a good price. If nothing too personal, might save you the hassle...

use a firewire 6 to 4 pin
that is if your pc has a firewire port
and bring then in using something simple like windows movie maker

Get a standalone dvd recorder, like this >…325
£37.99 plus delivery.
Connect camcorder via scart, yellow red white plugs, and record direct to dvd, thats what I do, then I Rip the dvd's to the hard drive for archiving, back up on dvr tape, dvd disk and hard drive, gd times.

i don't think you will see any difference in quality between usb and firewire as all they are are methods of getting data from a to b. Are you sure that you have recorded in high quality in the first place? Bfm

A firewire card and a copy of either Avid (PC) or Final Cut Pro (mac) tends to offer the best (affordable) results. If you want the best quality then a canopus edius capture device is easily the best around.

USB is not the desired way to transfer DV [digital video] from your camcorder to a PC or laptop . USB is normally used to transfer photos .Some laptops have a firewire port [IEEE1394] but you can get a Firewire card cheaply for your PC including software and cable ..............where ? .ebay of course .
Firewire does a brillient job , big files though , 12/13 Gig per hour .
Import the file into an editor and put onto DVD .

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thanks a lot all of you
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