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Found 23rd Feb 2010
Wonder if anyone can help out here and tell me if this is a good deal
HTC Touch2 or Hero 250 mins 150 text unlimited downloads £20 a month 18 month contract

it seems alright to me, the minutes and text would be more than enough for my usual monthly use.


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Hero...!! All the way, the ONLY reason my gf didnt get it because I had it first..! :roll: :roll: (so bought a touch2 in the end)

Touch2 isnt bad either.. but Hero is so so much better, esp when theres a new update coming which will look pretty much the same as the new G3..! :thumbsup:

Ok so touch2, much more girly me thinks, fits in pocket etc really well. windows 6, pretty good, OS is v good, speed is good, internet is good, vibration pattern is pants.. I laugh everytime she gets mail/txt because of the vibration pattern lol..

I find tho.. smart phones are ONLY smart if you set it up properly (or set it up at all) otherwise its pretty dumb.. gf was like.. i want it to do this this this this.. like yours! but she didnt realise how long i spent setting up my hero and evolving it slowly to make it amazing.. lol

P.s. as for the deal.. I got (for the gf, touch2) £20 a month with unmted internet and txt with 300mins, 18months, £50 cashback.

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Thanks for the info, where did you get the deal on the Touch2?

I "technically" have 2 £40 contracts with them atm. So I was going by that barter point.. :-D

Hero was £5 extra a month, imo i thought that was still better than the touch2, but touch2 is not bad at all either.
When you get used to it one can two hand touchtype, some reviews online says screen too small etc.. but nah.. just need to get used to it.
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