Help! HTC Touch Pro 2 GPS Problems

Found 2nd Oct 2009
hi, I got a htc touch pro 2
I have spent some time to figure out the GPS on the new phone. I tested Bluetooth, WIFI etc, all these parts are running well. The only problem is I cannot fund the GPS. I open the Google map, its ok and can easily point my location except using GPS. (Google map can only using the wireless communication between the cell phone and cell station to locate, there is a option makes you can use the GPS to help you get a more accuracy position ). I also did lot of search on the net, following the guild to setup the GPS and application program, but never made it works.

These were what I have done to test the GPS.

1, download the QuickGPS , before open the GPS.

2,open the GPS setting, set different COMM port, from Com 1 to Com 9, using different BURA to from 4800 to 52600.

3., Open Google Map and can easily locate my position. But when I using the GPS to locate (option), the message on the screen is the search the satellite.. , after ten minutes, the Google map display the message the GPS cannot be funded.

3, install the HTC GPS tools (a GPS program from the HTC). Open this program, the program can detect the GPS port but never got the satellite information and fixed (more than 40 minutes, in open field, far away from building, several time.)

4, install the Garmin TX navigation program. Never get the fixed.

5, the message from the Tomtom said Poor GPS receptionare you inside the building?

At same time, I found there are couples of case on the net similar like me and that was caused by the hardware faulty. At now, I am pretty sure the problem is not about the setting, configuration and software issues. so , what is the problems?

could anyone give me some help?
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I have the same phone. it is pants.

Settings > System > AGPS > Enable AGPS

Google maps should be quicker at locating.

Could you get any satellite used in HTC GPS tools? I cant go outside at the moment so cant test this properly indoors. It says 16 satellites used and 0 fixed. assuming i'll get some fixed if i go outdoors
I am having bluetooth problems where it doesnt connect to my Scala Q2 headset properly (it thinks my headset wants an internet connection).

I have windows mobile 6.5 installed.
sound like hardware issue
if its like my acer it will only use the on-board agps at 115200 despite all the others on the net claiming it should be half that, as its an interanl unit try it set it to full belt
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