Help! i cant find a certain dvd my daddy has requested for xmas.

    Its the fugitive dvd boxset, from the tv series not the film.

    Otherwise they do single series boxsets. I think there should be 4.
    I can only find a single season 1 dvd set, if all these could be found that could be an alternative but cant find 2 - 4.

    If anyone can help will be greatly appieciated, and ill do that reppy thingymajigy too



    cant find the series 2-4

    Could be these are not available on Region 2 (Europe) discs, but they do seem to have been released in the US.

    Cheapest I can find is here:-

    ]DVD Mania

    though I haven't checked to see whether they'll deliver internationally or what it might cost.

    Good luck.

    Original Poster

    thank you

    More money here but the info might be useful - according to this they are Region 0 so will play anywhere.…tml

    The Fugitive
    Seasons 1-4
    All 120 episodes
    30 DVDs
    Regular Price
    Our Price
    The Fugitve DVD || Complete TV Series on DVD
    The Fugitive
    Seasons 1-4
    All 120 episodes
    30 DVDs
    Regular Price
    Our Price
    Fugitive (1963)

    The Fugitive was debuted on the 17th of September 1963 and ended on the 29th of August 1967. The series has four (4) seasons with 120 episodes. It follows the exploits of an innocent man who was convicted for murder of his wife and sentence to death penalty.

    Dr. Richard Kimble portrayed by David Janssen, a pediatrician who was an innocent man accused for the murder of his wife Helen and was given a death penalty but was freed due to a train wreck while en route to his execution. He spends his time searching for the one-armed man named Fred Johnson who was the real killer while he was being pursued by Lt. Philip Gerard portrayed by Barry Morse who was obsessed on capturing him and due to it he has to change his name and travel on different places.

    * The Fugitive DVD is a collection of 30 DVDs of 4 seasons in a box set as shown above, all 100% in chronological order of all of the 120 episodes
    * The Fugitive DVD collection also includes custom artwork and episode guides to help you find your favorite episode at anytime.
    * The Fugitive DVD collection are formatted region free so they will play on any DVD player, DVD-ROM, XBox or PS2 worldwide
    * All DVDs are presented in full screen, commercial free and unedited. Exactly the same as it was shown in American television
    * Presented in English
    * This item has not been rated

    The Fugitve DVD || Complete TV Series on DVD
    Video Format: Normal Screen
    Special Features: None
    Menu's Yes (Interactive Menu for quick and easy
    episode selection)
    Commercials: None
    Language Tracks: English
    Subtitle Tracks: None
    Rating: Not Rated
    Product Packaging: Standard DVD Cases with
    Professional, Full Color Artwork
    [COLOR="Red"]Region Code: 0 (Region-Free - Plays Worldwide)
    DVD Format: Format-Free DVD-R (Plays in both
    PAL and NTSC DVD players)[/COLOR]

    We Ship Worldwide

    DVDAvenue ships to virtually any address throughout the world. All shipping charges are added automatically to your shopping cart. We ship via Priority Mail with delivery confirmation and tracking numbers. We provide door-to-door delivery. All orders shipped are insured in transit for the full coverage amount.
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