help! I got a parking ticket in a permit holders only car park!

Posted 16th Jun 2010
glasgow west end i parked in a permit holders only bit without noticing and got a 60 quid fine.

where do i stand on this? Do i have to pay it?
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Yes you have to pay, You can not say you did not notice. If you are not reading the signs then you should not be driving.
Depends if the sign was large/there were many off them. I got fined for parking in an area that was permit holders only, however there was only one tiny sign, so I sent a letter back explaining and they let me off.
get on that pepipoo or do a search in google with pepipoo pepipoo pepipoo

you be looking for some technicality or incorrect wording/terminology
Of course you should pay, by the fact you typed this message tells me if you can write you can read.
Yes you have to pay, I have been caught in Kersland St about 8 times. I should have learned my lesson by now!!!!!!
most residents bays in the West End have Residents Only painted in 2 foot high letters on the road next to the bays

cough up

and dont come back to the west end again

police/council-yesprivate … police/council-yesprivate company-no may want to check the law in Scotland is not different

Residents parking is enforced by the council round these parts
Should have been a permit holder then?
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