Help! I have a new drive on my PC!!!!

    It's called a V drive - now I wonder what that could be! When I hover over it with the mouse it says it's something to do with networking - I delete it and it quickly comes back up seconds later. What shall I do! My pc sounds like it's overworking - sending info to someone else no doubt!


    Virtual drive?

    A V drive is a virtual network drive usually used for backing up files on to or just for general storage.

    what devices do you have on your usb ports ?

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    It's taken me this long to get back into this website! I don't have anything in the USB ports at the mo. The pc is taking tons of time and making loads of noise like it's very busy although it does keep coming up saying that my pc is trying to increase my virtual memory - could this be something to do with it?

    Do you have any anti-virus and firewall software installed on the PC? If not install some, download the latest updates and scan the PC.

    Run a scan on the PC with Ad-aware or Spy-Bot to seen if any spyware is installed on the PC.

    Disconnect it from the Internet and reboot it, does the V drive re-appear?

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    Yes, I have spy doctor and avast someone on here kindly supplied me with a disc of different anti-virus software so I think I'd better fish it out again.
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