help i have a samsung gts 3100 phone locked to the O2 netw

can any one help me unlock a samsung gts 3100 mobile phone it is currently locked to the O2 network any help would be greatley appreciated many thanks


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You might get a temporary unlock using the codes that there's a few threads about on here,but once you switch off you have to redo it each time,it works on a the like of samsung e1120 as a temp unlock but haven't tried it on a s3100,

failing that you'd have to have it done in a shop or online ,but nothing free for it

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thats a shame was hoping to get a free one or something very cheap thanks for your comments though

I'd unlock it for you free,but your not local,so it'd mean postage each way which may not be worth it if you can get it done cheaply at your local market

If you get stuck im in Derby can do it FOC

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