HELP!!! i have just dropped my kids xbox 360 they said it has "ring of death" ???

    god knows what that means, does anybody know anything about it ?


    Don't worry the same happened to mr sons Xbox last weekend. Microsoft will replace it and pay for postage for free. No cost o you. My sons came back this morning. Ifr you want to know anymore details let me know. I will try and find the link fo you to request a collection.

    afaik its a renowned fault....something to do with the lights been red or something? is it still under warranty?

    (someone else will know much more than me)

    Just found link for you…rt/ good luck.

    It does not matter if it is still under waranty my sons was 2 years old. It is a product fault and microsoft will replae the box. All the information is on the link from my earlier post.

    Our son's was £70 something to repair, the warnty had run out, we got it back in a week!

    Its free repair with Microsoft. Don't pay. Look at link.

    [email protected];5839034

    Its free repair with Microsoft. Don't pay. Look at link.

    It's not always free. They extended the year long warranty to 3 years. My brothers broke a few weeks after the 3 years and would of had to pay the £70 to get it fixed.

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    a great big thankyou

    With the ring of death Microsoft give a 3 year warranty so if its younger than 3 years old just get in touch with them, wouldn't advice telling them you dropped it though.
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