Help! i need a digital camera, at least 8mg and 3 x optical zoom

    Okay, so my camera broke at Glasto and I need a quick replacement for this weekend... i've tried looking but I am getting so confused about which makes/models are any good etc

    Doesnt have to be fancy, just to take AA batteries (rechargeable) and be at least 8mg and 3 x optical zoom..... oh- and most importantly less than £100!

    Anyone able to recomend anything?! Ive looked through deals, most have sold out!



    I have a 6.3mp fujifilm camera, 3x opticla that takes great pics even when blown up. takes aa rechargables.... £40 delivered and could send tomorrow.

    morrinson r doing a 11.1 pixel for £60 they had them in blackpool today

    Check this one out as well, we got one last week for our son, great bit of kit for £45!…it/

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    Hi, thanks but looking for a new one... I am assuming its used?

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    also want at least 8mg, cheers

    yeah mines used but good condition, hasnt got any damage or marks though.

    Canon S80 here, interested?

    8MP with 3.6x wide angle zoom lens.

    This is not cheap rubbish, its quality prosumer compact with full manual controls. I have 3 spare batterys.…/p1…asp

    Can recommend a Canon Powershot A580. 8mp, 3x optical, 2.5" screen, with Canon CP740 printer, although its a tenner more than requested:…tml

    oh, it uses AA batteries too

    Not sure you'd get it by the weekend, but the Canon Outlet on eBay have some decent cameras, refurbs or returns, but come with a full warranty and the two I've bought have been as new - just in a plain brown box rather than a fancy display one. Sorry, can't give a link as it's eBay.

    You could do a lot worse than this Canon Powershot A590is for about £86 with next day delivery from ]Buyacamera. It's a graded camera but they claim it's as new, and from what I can gather it has a full warranty.
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