Help! I need a new phone contract

I need a new phone contarct but not sure where to start.

At the mo. I am on Orange, about £18 a month after discounts.

I need free to landline, 300+ minutes mobile to mobile, not bothered about texts.

I'd also like internet and email.

If pos I'd like to use the phone as a GPS too.

My contract is up in a couple of weeks and I don't mind buying the phone as part of the package or seperately.

I've also heard of Cashback deals where you send in the invoice every few months so interested in these too.

Any help and advice much appreciated.



have you called up orange and seen what retention deals they can offer you?

Say you want to leave and they will prob offer you a much better deal

I just signed in my local tesco sim only 500 minutes unlimited texts and internet(really 500mb) for £10 a month on a 30 day rolling contract

t mobile have some really good deals on at the moment and they throw in a changable booster which can be texts international calls and numorous other things one of which is 1000 landline mins and if you get an android phone they give you a massive 3gig data allowance and it is truly unlimited as in if you use your allowance which is highly unlikeley they dont charge you and even still let you use it just stop you streaming , if i remember correctly they had the a number of decent phones with 300 mins and texts the booster of landline mins and the data for 20 a month one of which was the htc wildfire, you can also add four tmobile sims to your contract for a fiver and all 5 phones get unlimited calls and texts between each other, i went for the 600 m 500 text one for 30 then i know that there is no way i will have any charges, do some nice cashback offers

Have a look at the virgin sim only deal posted on here.

Original Poster

Thanks for the repies, there seem to be some pretty good sim deals around at the mo.

I will also contact Orange as Bob suggested.

Many thanks
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