Found 1st Nov 2008
Like the one below, as am image on its own.

Perf coloured Golden (#CCCC00) but if its white and I can colour/fill in thats fine. As Im trying to copy the image below, it has to be the same/near to this.

Cheers in Advance, I will leave the obvious Rep.


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cheers so far guys, but it needs to be the same as the initial one, or as close a possible. rep will the added soon

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Why don't you crop the shamrock from your orignal photo?

coz it aint working

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Which the crop?I can do it for you if you want?

yea it crops like a square, but when you try and fill the acutal shamrock it colours the whole square. :thumbsup:

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So are you trying to colour the white shamrock gold?

yea i only need the shamrock, it has to be gold (or if ya a designer, #CCCC00 if that makes sense)

i dont need of the blue surround, just the irish symbol itself :thumbsup: What you see, is im trying to design the signage, as a banner for the website. :thumbsup:

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webmaster at

if you want you can try designing the whole banner lol

its basically like a black/golden frame, with golden text and the shamrock above

PS: empty ya inbox otherwise I can PM! :thumbsup:

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ok PM'd

Does anyone know the font name of the smaller text on the banner? I used to have it on Office 2003, but since I have '07 the font is no longer here

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Nikki, ya still here

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Yep !Still trying babe !

what cant you do, lol all ya doing its attaching a file to the email and pressing send! :oops::whistling:

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lol chill ! mwah! :oops:

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Its sent oh impatient one ha ha !

got it hun! cheers
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