Help: I need an original idea for a valentines present for the new wife

    Original ideas would be grateful


    As a fun gift you could make you own gift voucher for her ( as well as buying her something of course). Spend some time doing it nicely so shes knows you have thought about it. ie: This gift voucher entitles the bearer to a 1 hour massage, or having a bath run for her on any night of her choice, a meal cooked for her or even something a bit saucier. Quite a lot of fun and thoughtful. Good luck.

    Get her a decent sex toy and you can spend the night in the pub, wahey


    Get her a decent sex toy and you can spend the night in the pub, wahey

    Come to think of it....get yourself a decent sex toy and let her spend the night in the pub!

    Get some pictures taken of you having sex with another woman and she'll be able to see what it looks like when she's with you. I'm sure she'll love it and it's very original..........:thumbsup:

    Try thinking of gifts after 25 years now that's not easy!

    I adopted a tiger for her last year and that was a hit:thumbsup:…hmw


    If you really want to make it fun, rather then getting flowers delivered to work with chocolates and things what you could is leave a post it note with meet me at ...flower shop on whatever rd at 10.30 am...and then leave a bunch of flowers there with another post it note saying meet me at the bakery on whatever rd at 11.30 am ...leave a cake with another post it note and so on and eventually shell get to meet you at either a resturant or while shes out getting all theses amazing suprises you could be making a nice romantic dinner for when she gets home!!! or if you want simple have a picknic at home with lots of nibbles and champaine chocolates candles and even stop off and get a game from ann summers!!!!


    Buy her a coffee machine aswell as flowers etc she'll love it plus u can use it
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