Help, i need to buy a laptop tonight max budget £800


    I want to buy a laptop tonight, but i have to buy it from amazon as i have vouchers.
    My use is mainly gaming, internet, downloading, watching movies through my hd tv.
    I have seen a couple…1-1…1-1…mtd…-15…-22

    Gaming i guess is the biggest thing i want, so if the laptop can be gear towards that, that would be great.

    I am not bothered about mobility or battery life

    Thank in advance for your advice


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    Oh actually and this last one, which i think i am leaning towards out of all of them…-24

    spend 600 on a top of range "home/office" laptop, and, with the remaining 200quid, get ya sel a 360!!

    Gaming laptops are for puffs! :whistling::thumbsup:

    Theres one at currys a HP refurb, £400, 17",blue ray, 9200 graphics card

    I don't mean to be unhelpful but I thought I should let you know...

    Most Toshibas I know about (friends laptops) suffer from overheating before gaming even comes into it.

    And I've had to use Acers for work sometimes and they are poor quality machines.

    I don't have much experience with Samsung (just seen them in shops tbh)

    I know you want it for gaming but maybe consider a desktop then no if mobility battery not important...I'm sure you could get an awesome machine for 800 then...

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    Thanks for the advice guys, unfortunately it has to be amazon as i have vouchers
    I want it in a laptop as i don't have space for a desktop, and i have an x-box 360 already, but some games like red alert and so on are just far better on a laptop, plus, this one is giving up...

    Can anyone let me know which one they would consider? I am thinking the Qosmio that i added in the second post is looking the best. I wasn't aware of the over heating issue, maybe i will but a laptop riser to go with it.

    Thanks again

    Yes...One of my friend always puts like a heat mat or text book under his toshiba...but even then sometimes it just automatically switches off by itself because of overheating and the fan is spinning so loudly to try and cool the thing down... but it does not happen as often as when he doesn't put something yes buy riser...

    Well if it helps you...I know I don't have experience with Samsung Laptops...but my vote is with them as I've not heard people complain about them and the build quality seems to be of a good standard.

    i have had 3 toshiba laptops now 2 qosmio's and i now have a top of the range satellite, and i have had no probs with overheating, also i think you get a hell of a lot for your money and a quality bit of kit, toshiba all the way for me:-D

    the top 3 arent sold by amazon so you cant use your gift vouchers to buy those
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