Help!! I need to find cheap girls ballet outfit

Found 29th Aug 2009
Im looking for a girls ballet outfit, age 4 - 5 years. And dont have a clue where to start! My partners wee girl has decided that she wants to be a ballerina, awww bless, and i really want to kit her out, but all the "recommended" outfits from the dance school seem a little pricey! surely there are cheapies out there somewhere?????
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I'd try ebay
We got our little girls outfits off Ebay. (saved a packet) But i'd get the shoes from a dance shop.
Is it for classes or dress up? Sainsburys have some sweet ballet outfits in the dress up range.
Don't know about prices but usually not too expensive there.
Thanks! Its for just dressing up at home at the minute, but looking at enrolling in classes soon, so prbly both! I'll go and have another look at ebay
Hi there,
they do ballet clothes in our large tesco store (Hull), I dont know if they do the ballet shoes though, I think it was just the leotard, skirt and wrap around cardy. When my daughter went to a ballet school the other parents would sell on there childrens clothes when they grew out of them, maybe your dance school does the same? I just took my daughter in her shorts and t-shirt the first night to make sure she liked it, and then kitted her out in the stuff that the other mums were selling, hope this helps
Most ballet schools have a secondhand box. That where one of my nieces picked up her outfit........then tired of it after 3 months lol They loaned her ballet slippers too.
Id also suggest ebay - Get some good stuff on there as kids grow fast.

If you buying ballet shoes - its recommended that you buy a size up from their normal size.

Sure home bargains had some tutu fancy dress in last time i visited.
Thanks Im searching ebay just now! Just trying to get my head round the different sizes.... why not just say age 3 or 4 rather than size 1!! its confusing for a novice like me
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