Help! I need to know what connection this is???

    Hi, i bought a lazy boy electric reliner off ebay and the recliner motion doesnt work. It has a power supply that plugs into the mains but i think thats for the massage option. There is a seperate wire coming out the motor to control the reclining option but nothing to plug it into? The end of the lead looks like this, i would be very greatful if anyone could shed some light on what its meant to plug into. Or if anyone has an electric recling la z boy and has the same wire if they could tell me where its supposed to plug into. The wire connection might have a name so i could look into buying one.…jpg

    Thanks in advance, Barry.



    cant you ask the person you bought it from?

    looks like a speaker connection to me.......

    This may help others answer the question.


    looks like a speaker connection to me.......

    Ditto here, definately looks like a male 2 pin Din speaker plug…jpg

    Din plug, get sizes and try maplins ]http//ww…967


    Flynn Jack;6707008

    Din plug, get sizes and try maplins … Din plug, get sizes and try maplins ]

    yeah but he doesnt know what supposed to be on the end of the din

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    Thanks for the quick replys!!!! So its for speakers? Could it be used to power something like the motor on the recliner? Because the wire clearly comes out of the black box that powers the reclining motion.

    Does the maker have a web site or service agent?

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    Already had a good look on la z boy website at the manuals but not very clear and doesnt mention that lead or anything like it

    Have you checked around the headrest area to see if the chair has speakers built in ?
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