Help! I scratched my friends Wacom Cintiq 12wx Graphics Tablet!!


    I am hoping at least someone on here can help me. My friend has a graphics tablet that he uses for animation that cost him £700! It's basically one of the best you can buy and is a touch sensitive screen although it has a hard plastic coating over the top.
    I was using it last night and didn't even think to take my ring off. As I was drawing and using Photoshop, the edge of my ring has scratched the surface of it, and it's clearly noticeable when you run the pen over it.

    I'm hoping someone out there has one of these or has encountered a similar problem and knows what to do!! I've emailed the manufacturer to see if they offer a repair service but I don't expect a reply until at least Monday.

    Thanks to anyone who can help me in advance!


    blame it on a pet

    Remove your ring and put it in your pocket for now...

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    I was in his room when it happened. I'd still have to pay for it even if my pet did it. I was just wondering if anyone knew how much it would cost tog et something like this repaired??

    Well, the price probably reflects the screen.

    Major credit crunch feeling here.

    You could phone one of the Hotline numbers and see what they suggest : :thumbsup:…80&

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    Going by this thread i'd contact Wacom support and say you managed to scratch it using the pen and NOT your ring.......they might then cover it under warranty :…hed

    household insurance. accidental damage.
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