Help... I seem to have installed protection system and it keeps popping up...

    I have now idea how this has got installed - but it keeps popping up and driving me mad - any one got ideas please.......



    more information would be good so can see if i can help you ok

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    I keep getting a pop up saying Protection System - and it now apepars I have installed it (dont know how) And when it runs - it keeps telling me its found loads of virus and wants me to upgrade my subscription

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    Trying to upload a pic - but on my desk top - i appear to have some shortcuts i have no idea where they have come from.... (Porntube etc... - starting to get worried - may just wipe my hard drive)

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    ok it sounds like you have a tojan/virus
    do your anti virus scan in safe mode and get anti malware aslo and do a scan in safe mode.
    also have your system restore switched on switch it off ok its no good anyway because virus/trojans all attack that and when ya do a system restore it will still be there the virus/trojan thats is.
    also click on control panel/add and remove items and see if ya can see anythink new or unwanted in there first.

    I'm no expert but a simple google shows this to be adware. There are loads of programmes claiming to be able to remove. Maybe superantispyware or similar would do the trick. Sure someone more knowledgable wil be along soon but sure you won't need to be wiping your drive

    [CENTER][COLOR="Red"][SIZE="6"]get this and it will do the job ok[/SIZE][/COLOR][/IMG]

    i have a link but i dont know if im allowed to post on ok friend.[/CENTER]

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    jtx;5943207 sort it...

    Downloaded the file - but it wont let me install... - i click run and it doesnt appear to do anything

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    Is this same as the other link?


    [CENTER][COLOR=red][SIZE=6]get this and it will do the job … [CENTER][COLOR=red][SIZE=6]get this and it will do the job ok[/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER][CENTER][/IMG][/CENTER][CENTER]i have a link but i dont know if im allowed to post on ok friend.[/CENTER]


    do all scans in safe mode ok when you get ya ant malware ok
    pm sent

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    ]http:// try that

    tried this one - and it installs - but doesnt seem to run

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    do all scans in safe mode ok when you get ya ant malware okpm sent

    Just trying your e-mails now.. Thanks

    (Rep left to all... I dont know how I have got this - I was only looking up details about houses for my new pet tortoise)

    [CENTER][SIZE="5"][COLOR="Red"]if you have firefox then add this to your add ons ok[/COLOR][/SIZE]


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    Tried the first e-mail - it downloaded the file - Just wont run it...... wont let me download 2nd one because i have reached my limit for downloads on that website...

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    Dont have firefox

    [CENTER]try this ok but give it time
    online virus scan

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    Tried downloading all files - and it will download all of them - but just one run when I click on the exe file.
    Thanks everyone - rep left - But Im giving up on it today (Will probalby take to work to I.T. department - last resort I will wipe hard drive - Thanks again - especially Maxmax... Thanks)

    your welcome friend.

    Have you tried a restart before trying to install?
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