help i think im being hacked or hyjacked what ever you call it im scared

    logged in to my fleabay and i had a message from ferrarifaninpaso

    Thank's to the forum we already know you are a scam, you ****:…tml GET A REAL JOB OR SOMETHING....

    so i clicked on the link and it took me to ebay i didnt sign in or anything but im really scared im selling tickets for quite a bit cash what if he gets my infoooooooo

    any help appreciated


    I think it's alright. If you signed in it would have sent the details to them.

    You can annoy them by submitting numerous fake details. That's always fun.

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    thanks free dumb have you had things like this ? i was a tad scared rep left for my peace of mind lol x

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    when i checked on this user they have all good feedback why would some one with good feedback do this im miffled

    If you didn't sign into the fake page in the email link he has given you, you will be fine. He won't be able to get your password or hijack your account. As a precaution you can always change your ebay password and check ebay has your correct email address. You should also consider reporting him to ebay and send them a copy of your email.

    Hope this helps.

    You'll probably find they were a victim of this scam.

    It's done quite a bit; eBay, PayPal... Never trust links!

    Should be fine, do a virus scan to be sure it didnt keylog you at all, other then that they cant get your details!

    It is more usual to get these by email than via ebay - but nothing to worry about. Ignore it or report it to ebay.

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    thanks everyone just having a fag to calm my nerves !!! im such a freak rep given to you bunch of freaks actually on comp at half eleven helping me xx

    Do i get called a bigger freak if i'm on until the early hours?

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    the ultimate freak of freaks .........

    Report the message OP. They should tell you whether it's a spoof or whatever.
    Use this link:…tml

    You can also forward emails etc that you're undecided about to [email protected]

    Never click on links if you are not sure and never respong even in revenge to this type of thing, sometimes it just tells the scammer the account is live and you will get harrassed more.


    To report misuse of Contact an eBay Member, please click on the "report" … To report misuse of Contact an eBay Member, please click on the "report" link in the email you received

    is the relevant bit but wise to read it all

    I'm a long time HKD viewer, but never bothered making an account. Shameful really.

    When browsing i stumbled upon your thread and can offer some important advice. Normally i would've continued browsing but this is a serious matter and i would hate to think that because i didn't post, your details get leaked and its a down hill spiral from there. I know from second hand experience. (happened to a friend.)

    Fake ebay users with their accounts hacked are very common. Even if they have 100% positive feedback. Always Check the items they have bought - try to avoid members who have bought £1 ebooks just to get feedback. If they havn't bought an item in recent days and you can no longer view it.... i am suspicious (or if they are all private listings). As it is often inactive accounts they are hacked.

    As for spoof emails/web pages. I get one every month from "paypal" that look identical and i mean IDENTICAL and also address me personally. (with my full name). It then goes on to say; if it was a fake email it would use generic names like Dear Customer. This is to trick you into thinking it is real. When i forward them to paypal - [email protected] they would return an email instantly saying it is fake etc etc

    Recently the fake ones have security encoded. so the url is https (the s represents security - something you should always ensure is there when loging into a web page) and the little padlock in the bottom right of my browser. Forwarding these no longer receipts an instant reply from [email protected]. Its an "investigation is in operation" email which causes some concern. What i am trying to say is that they are getting smarter.... so be very careful.

    I find hovering over links and reading the url that appears at the bottom of the browser is useful. As u can see if its legit.

    for example: Which of these paypal links is fake?

    [URL="[email protected]"][email protected][/URL] [URL="[email protected]"][email protected][/URL]

    Finally, if you followed a link to a dodgy web page... obviously don't sign in on it. Another IMPORTANT thing people forget to do is clear there cookies, temp folders and history etc...
    (I also like to run anti virus and spyware) But importantly delete the temp Internet files.

    When you view a page files get saved to your temp folder for quick loading next time you view the website or if you wanted to work offline. So the fake site could have overwritten the original. (which has happened to me). So the next time you try to go to paypal, your browser loads the saved files from the fake site.

    Thats all the advice i can think of, that i hope will help you and others. Please bare in mind that i tried to avoid technical jargon to allow a varied audience to comprehend it, but at the same time i like to think i know what i am talking about. Feel free to correct anything i may have got wrong tho.

    Ps. the first link is "real". don't trust anything like [email protected] or [email protected].... none of them are real!


    Should be fine, do a virus scan to be sure it didnt keylog you at all, … Should be fine, do a virus scan to be sure it didnt keylog you at all, other then that they cant get your details!

    Also do the spyware scan. A virus wrecks the computer but spywares send messages across the internet w/o your permission.

    P.S. obsecure the phishing website link as well or something, some people might accidentally miss the message and try the link to see what the fuss is all about :oops:. I had mozilla warn me on the dot so i'm ok i guess but others may be ignorant...


    The lesson here is never use links in emails to get to websites. Always go via the links in your bookmarks.
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