Help, I Want a sat nav, under £160 with 4 features, FM transmitter, TMC traffic, Bluetooth and Speech recognition

    I have seen 3 different sat nav's

    Tomtom 520 (has FM, Bluetooth and Speech)

    Garmin 610 (has FM, TMC and Bluetooth)

    Garmin C550 (has FM, TMC and Bluetooth)

    Has anyone got any tips, alternatives, deals etc that have all 4 options.


    Think you might struggle.

    Try [URL=""]Ebuyer[/URL]


    Try argos direct link [url][/url]

    Good to see ur happy, garbage


    Sony brand is wicked, because it comes with a warantee and guarantee...

    sony are a reputable company that everyone knows :thumbsup:

    Stick with the Garmin, Sony pulling out of satnav market soon so you won't get much support should you need it.
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