Help, Ice Cream Van Power- Invertors - Three phase convertors Ect!

Found 22nd Oct 2009
Help : Basically im looking to build my own ice cream van, im a bit of a handyman when it comes to building stuff but i dont have a clue when it comes to powering stuff, im basically looking to run my ice cream van with

1 ; A slush machine (SINGLE PHASE 920 WATTS)

2 ; An ice cream machine (Three Phase) unsure what wattage

3 : An everyday microwave (unsure wattage ect)

4 : Hot dog boiler (unsure again but it work with mains plug)

5 : A chest freezer (unsure again)

6 : A Water boiler (Electrical loading: 2kW 230V~)

7 : A Double door bottle cooler (unsure agin wattage ect but its the same as the ones they use in pubs ect)

Does any1 have any idea my best way of powering these, what i would need, where would i get them and how much it will cost ect, i would need them to run for about 7hrs a day without stoppage, thanks in advance for your help!!

Thank you!
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]This may be of some help.:thumbsup:
are you sure about 3 phase?

are you sure about 3 phase?

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