Help - ideas for 'meaty' restaurants in New York

Found 7th Apr 2008
My mum and dad are going to NY in a couple of weeks, and I want to buy them dinner at a restaurant for my dad's birthday.

My dad likes 'meat' - so a traditional American bar 'n' grill would suit him well (no Italian or fish-based food for him!)

They are staying near Times Square, so ideally the restauarant would be close by.

Does anybody have any recommendations, please? It's been a few years since I went. rep given for those who help

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If you have Google Earth you can get loads of info on eating out in New York and even specific areas like Time Square etc. I've done you a quick screenshot to show you the potential. As you can see info includes phone numbers and restaurant reviews. Good stuff from Google I reckon !
burger king!
Sparks steak house,
210 east 46th street, about 3 miles from times square.

The Mafia boss Paul Castellano was gunned down outside in 1985 so it has a unique piece of history as well and you can book online.
Any other ideas?

BK sounds right up my dad's street ..... if he was paying !
Head down to South Street Sea Port. I know it's down-town, but when the weather is nice you can't beat the sea-port for a nice atmosphere and good food/drink. There are lots of restaurants along the road leading up to the sea-port, and surprisingly they don't just do fish dishes (even though the fish n chips I had at one of the places was to die for!). Take your pick from one of many places.
Melissa go to Google and type in "Ruths Chris Steak"

Weird I know but through work I was in Pittsburgh last week and through a locals recomendation we tried Ruths Chris Steak House. They're really nice classy restaurants that do probably the best steak in the world. I like good food but this was in a class of its own.

By far the best fillet steak I hav ever had, fantastic service and not too expensive.

ave a good look around the website - they've got branches all over the US and one in NYC. I guarantee you will not be disappointed
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