HELP!! ideas please

    It's my husbands 35th Birthday very soon, I'm always sorted but this year I've been so busy with our new baby boy.
    I have paid for a new HTC desire mobile phone, but would like ideas for a few others.. and one of course from his wee baby boy.( as it's his first birthday as a Daddy)

    thank you so much


    In clintons and birthdays you can usually get cards that say from your little boy on them, so I'd get him one of them.

    How about some sorta personalised gift with a photo of the 2 of them together? Canvas, Mug for work, Keyring etc?

    Does he like football? How about hospitality for a game? Or a season ticket?

    i had my sons hand a foot casted by magic custard for his daddies birthday when the little man as born as he was only 2mths old at the time they were so tiny and cute if you dont want them casted how about buying one of those clay prints and do either a hand or foot, something to keep something to remember
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