Found 21st Jun 2008
Hello, my name is Hellfire and I'm (gulp) an Itunes user. It's been 3 months 27 days 6 hours 5 mins and 42 seconds since I last used. I had fooled myself that I was cured but last night I almost fell off the wagon. I had Coldplay cravings and like any user wanted a quick fix, regardless of the cost or quality. I phoned my buddy to help me keep strong and I managed to make it through the night. This morning I went to the shops and bought myself a lovely shiny good quality CD instead of a poor quality download. How proud I was of my achievement. Thanks buddy!

Seriously I do use Itunes ( can hear the howls of abuse from some members already!) but I don't use the Itunes store. There are a couple of basic things that I just cannot figure and would really appreciate some help. I may come across as dumb but hey.....I am.

No. 1
My mate bought a teeny tiny Ipod shuffle with a teeny tiny memory ( wait it gets better) but doesn't have a computer. ( told you) He came to mine and ripped about 25 albums into Itunes. The best of which was probably Canned Heat and I have no intention of plunging to the depths of the others. How the hell do I get this rubbish off my computer? Cant find a delete function anywhere

When selecting or deselecting tracks to go on my Ipod is it possible to do a whole album at once rather than ticking each and every box? Other media players I have used have been pretty simple, like my good self, but this I cannot figure.

Thanks guys and obviously rep given for any help, Would be rude not to!

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Deleting stuff is fairly easy. Just click it once, and press delete on the keyboard.

To put stuff on your ipod, hold down shift, click on the song at the top of the album, then the one at the bottom. Now let go of the shift key and the album should be highlighted. Now simply drag the highlighted area onto you ipod. Job done.

To delete multiple songs, you can highlight them in the same way. I hope that helps
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