Help: I'm desperately trying to 'His & Hers' socks...............

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Found 20th Mar 2009
............Bride and Groom, Husband and Wife etc. I have hunted the internet with no joy!

If anyone can help I would be extremely grateful!


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Why not get some nice socks and get a bride and groom sew on badge? That must be easier to find. Are you in a hurry? You could embroider yourself or employ someone else too. Somebody's gran maybe?

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That's not a bad idea, thank you! Would prefer them ready done in a set though. Rep left for help.


thebridalgiftbox.co.uk/pro…ted - Found on a forum that the Birthday's card shop on the high street (if it still exists) had them for only £1.49 and some father/brother of the bride socks too.

I can't find bride socks anywhere, it is like women don't wear them!

eBay item no: 350178861921

This person seems to do personalised socks. Hope it helps

Personalised socks available on e-bay.
Let them know what you want printing and they do it.
£7.00 a pair..

Hope this helps!

Was going to suggest ebay. Also try Tesco/asda clothing stores etc...


Ebay do them and they are good, I know as we were given some for a pressie :oops:

i got a mr and mrs rubber ducky personalised set off ebay, they were well impressed lol

Oh and also little carts in shopping centres....not sure where you are based but the Metro Centre had one.

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Tesco here don't do clothes, don't have an Asda or any shopping centres! Couldn't find any on Ebay, will try again. Thank you all. Rep left. X.
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