Help Im dumb

    no need to comment on the dumbness ok but i need your techy help
    i phoned vodafone this morning for them to unlock my phone a sony K800I and the posted me the instructions.... below

    1. Remove the Vodafone SIM from the handset. Replace the battery and switch on. 2. Move the jog dial left then press the key twice and then move the jog dial left 3. Network appears on screen 4. Then select YES. 5. NCK will appear key in NUC and Yes, phone should then be unlocked

    now im stuck with number 2 bit .....Whats a jog dial and what key do ineed to press

    cheers for all help given


    Jog dial i'd say is the joy stick?

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    Jog dial i'd say is the joy stick?

    thats was my conclusion but what key do i press???????????/:thinking:

    usually pressing the stick in is another position ie select or whatever..

    Is it the "any key"?

    lol joke

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    usually pressing the stick in is another position ie select or whatever..

    tried that to no avail:?

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    Is it the "any key"?lol joke

    Ooooh the any key whats that look like:thinking::whistling:

    Try pressing [left] * * [left]

    its the star key

    i wish vodafone would learn the diffrence between a jog dial (only on SE smartphones, p1i, w960 etc) and a joystick/d-pad on SE java based phones like the k800.

    the code is left (on joystick), star, star, left (on joystick) and you should get the menu pop up


    this is a jog dial

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    Thatnks guys sorted now!!:thumbsup:

    Tarby 25

    Help! I'm Dumb

    Yes you are......... glad I could help :thumbsup:
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