Help - I'm freezing!

    I need help. I'm in the stickiest situation since Sticky the stick insect got stuck on a sticky bun. A long shot if anyone has any ideas.......

    My central heating has packed up, or at least I think it has. Me and the good lady spent last night on the sofa with jumpers on, sitting under a duvet trying to keep warm because the heating wouldn't come on. The water is still hot and both of managed to get a shower this morning with no problems.

    I've reset the timers and clocks and everything that I need to according to the booklets and tried every combination of buttons I can think of but I'm running out of patience. Last night the burner light wouldn't come on and the instructions said that the boiler would keep trying until the lock out light would come on and I'd have to retry. Only the lock out light wouldn't even come on.

    This morning I tried again and the burner light came on after about 2 minutes of my girlfriend having a shower but the heating wouldn't come on. The burner light turned off again until I got a shower but again no heat through the radiators. Then I eventually managed to get the burner light on by clicking the button on and off a few times before it went dead again a few minutes later, with no heat having come out.

    I suppose I'm resigned to having to call someone out to take a look at it but sometimes it can be the most stupid thing that's wrong and I don't particularly need being charged a hefty whack just a few days before Christmas.

    If anybody has any suggestions they're greatly appreciated. By the way the boiler is a Powermax. Or No-Powermax at the minute!


    If your Powermax is older than 7/8 years old I think you may well find yourself buying a new boiler - if it needs a major new part they are going to sting you for it ! Good Luck

    And all this on top of losing yet again to the mighty REDS on Sunday - ho hum - Happy Xmas !:whistling:

    my heating is the same the hot water comes on, but the heating sometimes come on but not for very long, for some reason my heating does fire but when the water is cold, i know it sounds weird but its true, so i heat the water up then turn it off to have a shower then after i have had a shower the heating will fire, or i will heat the water up then turn it off to wash the pots, it soooo annoying but i have to wait till jan till its getting sorted

    MAN UTD..... lol

    I would consider a new bioler if it is old, B&Q do some good deals, especially if you can get granny discount

    I had a similar problem a while back tirned out too be the control valve that switches between heating & water.
    And is apparently a common fault with (ideal combination boilers), took the engineer 30mins to fix silly little plastic valve.
    untill i discover he left it leaking on to the control panel LOL witch managed to burn it out.
    Oh happy days:)

    Sounds like the pump is not getting water round to the radiators.

    I'm not sure what the pump looks like on these or where it is situated but, try giving the pump (if you can find it) a tap with the handle of a screwdriver.

    That may get it working temporarily.

    If you're DIY proficient you could look for a peed setting on the pump and make sure it is set to the max usually III (3).

    Try checking the thermostat as well. Bump it up to the max to see if that will get things moving and the boiler firing up.

    You dont say how old the boiler is but, rather than spend hundreds on getting it repaired nowadays its sometimes better to simply bite the bullet and get a new one installed. Parts for these things are never cheap and with labour on top you may spend £200 and you've still got a 10 year old boiler that is on its way out!!

    Hello Scouse,
    Theres an excellent Forum that covers these sort of problems and theres loads of stuff on the powermax :-…t=&

    hope it helps its a bit cold at the moment

    ok this could be one of several problems.
    dodgy thermostat
    air in the system (try bleeding the rads)
    or most likely the control valve that is near the pump. you'll see a valve with a little plastic disk that rotates as you select water....heating ....or both. quie often this valve stick and refuses to turn. you can tell if its thsi very easily by selecting heating and water and seeing if the valve moves to this setting within a few minutes. if not then using a small coin you can manually turn the valve to the correct position and you'll get heating but only until the next time the thermostat changes its needs. its a very easy fix and shouldn't cost the earth


    Hello Scouse,Theres an excellent Forum that covers these sort of problems … Hello Scouse,Theres an excellent Forum that covers these sort of problems and theres loads of stuff on the powermax :-¬=&forum_id=0&limit=drop&limit=0&author=&search=Search+Forum&mode=advancedhope it helps its a bit cold at the moment

    That is an excellant forum, thanks for the tip!


    That is an excellant forum, thanks for the tip!

    Cheers Ghinzani;
    Its saved me a few quid in call out charges in the past

    Original Poster

    Thanks for all your tips, I'll try my best to avoid a call out. Rep given were rep is due.


    could even be a leaking pipe. what's the reading on the the water pressure?

    [SIZE="3"][FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=blue]Sounds like the thermo-couple could be at fault. Worth checking anyway - it's a fairly chap item to replace [/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
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