HELP: Im getting DLL problems when my laptop is booting up

    Iv treid a few registry cleaners but no joy, but some cleaners will only fix a few errors as they are samples only. Anyone know how to fix the errors and or where to download a good full version registry cleaner.


    What is the exact error message?

    IMHO even the best registry cleaner will not solve this problem...

    you need to find the missing .dll file (either form the WINdows installation disc or from similar running machine) and then copy that file to the system folder of your own machine (usually WIndows/system32)

    Try a System Restore first

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    Screen shot of the error

    Start > Run > type msconfig and hit enter.

    Go to the startup tab and remove the tick from the referenced file.

    If it isn't in the list then you need to do a search on the machine and rename it - reboot and it should be ok...


    in this case, this isnt windows fault. theres a program needing suluyeba.dll. Find that program and repair (reinstall) if you need it, uninstall if you dont want it.

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    still no joy
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