Help, I'm looking for a good generator at a reasonable price

    As the title says, I need a reliable generator, preferably over 3Kva to run the lights and some small items in my house when the power goes off. Especially to give the combi-boiler some elec' so it'll work, as the wife gets grumpy when she can't have a shower.

    I was hoping to keep to a £100 budget, as I'm also going to have to buy some 'jerry' cans for the fuel.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated...



    seen one in aldi today, but it was £179.00,

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    might have to try fleabay.. :-(

    I think if you want a 'reliable' 'over 3kva' geny then you are going to have to up your budget!

    I have just bought a Honda 3kva geny at a cost of £205.00 plus vat..which is not a bad price for a Honda.

    All the ones you get from Lidl, Aldi etc are cheap made which I would steer well clear of.

    Buy a Honda and it will last you a life time if serviced etc.
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