Help in buying a Laptop

    I am looking to buy a laptop. Just really to be used for surfing the internet and miscroft word and excel and music.

    So was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction of what is a good laptop and where has any good deals on laptops


    It depends on your budget and need of portability...

    Get a intel core 2 duo as its a better long term buy as its a good processor.Ram is upgradable so anything over 2gig will do, and a Hard drive of 160-250 should do for what you've said.

    Try these…0gb…go\

    The viao is a better make than the acer and the screen is better

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    i had looked at the sony one but its oos

    whats your budget?

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    em probably up to £400

    Don't buy Sony. They are expensive and hard to find parts to repair.

    You have a choice of either Dual Core or Core2Duo...the latter being newer, more expensive. If you are after a nice top spec, then Core2Duo it is. But if you want something cheaper but still pretty good, then go for Dual Core.

    Why Not wait for the boxing day sales? What do you mean "the sony is oos"

    Another option is the dell outlet store, you can get a nice dell 1545 inspiron for about 320.I think Comet has a good deal on a new acer for 320 aswell.

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    sorry out of stock.

    yeah i may wait until the sales, didnt think of that.

    you'll generally find the 3 license version of office 2007 for about £50 too.
    you do know that pcs only come with a 60 day trial on now, right?

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    i have the full version of office, i just need the laptop lol
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