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    I know there's loads of threads like these around, but my heads spinning with reading so much!!

    I currently have a 28" CRT TV and am looking to upgrade it. Sometimes i use it for playing the xbox 360, but mainly watching TV through my Humax 9150 PVR. the sofa is about 8 feet away from the TV so am a bit unsure about what to go for size wise, the wife thinks 32" will be fine, but i want 37".

    Would it be better to get a 32" full HD (bearing in mind i don't have any HD feed, and don't plan on getting one for a while, only then maybe a Blueray player) or a 37" HD ready? Would i notice a difference with the xbox on 'HD ready' or full HD?

    What is the best make to get for SD? I've read Panasonic are good, Pioneer would be out of my price range, how do the rest compare? LG, Toshiba, Sony and Samsung primarily

    Thanks for any help, sorry again for the barrage of questions!!


    I'm 8 feet away and experience no problems with a Pana 42" Plasma.

    You seem to want to watch mainly SD material, so there's no real need for full HD - therefore get one of the Pana plasmas on at around £500 on this site.

    You won't regret it.

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    Plasma, now hat's thrown everything in the air!! The wife will no way let me get a 42", 37" would be max. Are plasmas ok at that size? What would the benefits be?

    Plasmas deal with SD material much better than LCDs. The HD stuff looks just as good too. Higher contrast ratios, little to no motion blur, etc. A Plasma is a better choice IMHO.


    Plasma, now hat's thrown everything in the air!! The wife will no way let … Plasma, now hat's thrown everything in the air!! The wife will no way let me get a 42", 37" would be max. Are plasmas ok at that size? What would the benefits be?

    Yeah, it looks massive initially, but I managed to convince the wife that we would get used to it, and in a couple of weeks, she was!

    Plasmas are the best for watching SD material, they are much more sympathetic to the often highly compressed broadcasts we get either via freeview or sat receivers. They are widely accepted as producing better and deeper blacks than LCDs.

    My plasma is on a cantilever stand and sits in the corner of the room - it actually takes up less space than the previous 28" crt, as it's so much slimmer.

    I use mine for gaming too, although I don't play much - haven't had any problems, and I've owned this panel for 14 months. It has a 5 yr warranty.

    If you do go for it, you won't be disappointed. If however you settle for a smaller lcd, I feel you might not be that impressed compared to your previous CRT picture when watching SD material, they tend to show up a great deal more artifacts and imperfections in the broadcasts.

    I've owned a 42" LCD before, and took it back for the above reasons.

    thats what my wife said ..we had 32 i said i will get a 37.then went to shop came home with 42 panasonic plasma.. i told it was in sale cheaper that the buy ive made...and she likes it....
    i sit about 7 feet away and xbox360 looks great and so does tv...
    you and the wife will love it..................

    Plasma's use more electricity and are heavier (if you're thinking of wall mounting). If size isn't an issue plasma's are probably better for SD.

    However you have to live with your wife and its her living room too - if she's going to get narked everytime she sees the tv you might be better off going with a 32". The best way to get a feel if its likely to fit is to make up some cardboard to the dimensions of the tv and put it in the position the tv is going to go......

    Whichever tv you go for I highly recommend wall mounting as it frees up additional space in your living room esp if it can go on the centre of the wall.

    Find a mate who has a 42" LCD/Plasma and go round there. The initial shock will wear off after about 20 mins and your missus will get used to the larger size (sorry, no matter how I tried to word this it just sounds dirty!).

    We've a 50" Plasma (from a 32") and it took about 2 days before we forgot how small the old one was.

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    Would a plasma be ok for gaming? I play Halo 3 a fair bit, read a lot about burn in and other issues. Been as i will mainly watch SD, well completely, plasma might be better. How does SD compare on all three; LCD, Plasma, CRT?

    SD is better on CRT, then Plasma, then LCD.

    Burn-in isn't something which is as big an issue as it was previously for Plasmas. Nor is lifespan (over 100,000 hours now).

    Original Poster…ion

    How about that one? I've read good things about Panasonics

    I got the th42px80b for £435 on new years eve thru HUKD, Dixons I think.

    The wife went absolutely mental when she saw it. But, after 2 days if looks great and she loves it. We went from a 32 LCD and think (now) that a 37 would have been too small and would only have regretted it in the coming months.

    I sit about 8 feet away and have sky HD.

    Honestly, it does not look too big.
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