help in choseing RC helicopter for 12 y/o birthday

Found 13th Sep 2008
per title guys. was not sure which one to buy from the following: both at £17.99

BladeRunner Black Ghost Helicopter
Silverlit: X-Rotor R/C Picoo Z Micro Helicopter Special Edition

price range is under £20 so any help from you guys appriciated.



You can't really expect too much from an rc helicopter with a budget of under 20 quid. I work in a shop that sells quite a few RC helicopters and have therefore spend a fair bit of time demonstrating them.

The two helicopters that you have mentioned both seem quite similar. I have tried the picoo and although it is reasonably strong and easy to use, it is still just a 2 channel helicopter so all you can really do with it is make it go up and down and spin around a bit.

If I was buying an RC helicopter, personally I would spend a fiver more and go for the STORM IV 3Ch Mini Helicopter which as mentioned in the name is a three channel helicopter so it can fly up and down, turn and go backwards and forwards (very well for the price). It also has a beginner and expert mode and comes with two sets of main replacement blades and one replacement rear blade. However I think the picoo would be more than enough fun for a 12 year old and have seen them instore for £15 at Maplin.

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thanks for that mate.

Is their any diff in the picoo Z i have mentioned and the slightly cheaper ones on


There are many types of Picoo Z, all with slightly different designs so there is not too much difference. All I can really say is do not go for the insecta ones as the legs snap off very quickly making it impossible to land properly. The Silverlit: X-Rotor R/C Picoo Z Micro Helicopter Special Edition (Metro Fly) which I think was the one you mentioned (picture below) was produced later then most of the others and I believe that the technology has been improved in it to make it more responsive so this would be the best one to get...

i got my son one for xmas last year, he was almost 13

he loved it! but it didnt last long im afraid, vey fickle imo

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cool, ok. thanks for that.

Russ thanks for ur input, i checked and they will be selling the STORM IV you mention at £17.99. the same price as the rest but its released 2 days after birthday. lol
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