Help in donating process to charities abroad and in the UK via Missionfish and Ebay??

We are looking to raise money, auctioning sports memorabilia and events on EBay and donating 100% of proceeds to charity. We want to choose two charities to donate to and are looking to donate 50% to Noahs Ark a Hospice for children.

The remainder 50% we would like to donate to a Croatian charity, caring and rehabilating physically and metally ill children.

From speaking to Great Ormond Street Hospital , we understand a charity registers with Mission Fish, the charity Arm of EBay as a Charity. Then when we sell anything on EBay, the proceeds are then immediately paid to the pre appointed charities.

But Mission fish have told us it is only available to UK or US registered charities!!!!!!!!!!!

So our question and plee for help from HUKD members is, is there any way to donate the other 50% to the Croatian Charity ??? Would we need to perhaps register a charity here who's sole purpose is to donate all funds to the Croatian charity and then registering with Mission Fish?

The reason why we like Mission Fish is as it guarantees all proceeds of your sales are paid directly to the charity. We have spoken to the Croatian Embassy in Croatia an London aswell as Unicef and ebay, but are no nearer to a solution?

Can anyone in the know make any suggestions please??


The simple answer is run your auctions donating 50% to Noah's Ark through Mission Fish and then manually donate the remainder yourself to the Croation charity.

Actually that appears too simple so I'm assuming you have a problem doing it that way ??

Out of interest Mission Fish had a very hostile reception when first introduced to Ebay. I haven't kept up with what has happened since but I would expect that you have checked out all the small print involved in running an auction and using Mission Fish ?? Things like :
What fees do Mission Fish take ? Do your Ebay and Paypal fees stay the same ??
Out of every £1 gained through the Ebay auctions what is the net amount available for the Charity ?

Good luck with the charity work

Original Poster

Good points thanks.

My motavation of using Mission Fish is that it makes everything transparent to the buyers, donating partners and recieving charities, so everything remains above board and legitemate.
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