help in findin info

    lookin to find out peoples prision record of sex offenders ect.. for free can anyonr help on where i would get info from thanks


    Why do you want to do this?



    Why do you want to do this?

    OMG Why:w00t:


    You won't 'legally ' get hold of any Prison records but if you have someone in mind and you know where and when he/she was convicted you can check the local papers, when reporting the conviction the Press will normally list the previous convictions.

    Aww have you met someone but you just wanna be sure ?.

    Data Protection Act will prevent you getting this info legally as already stated.
    Gotta be a unique reason why you'd be doing this kind of search.

    If you wait long enough someone is sure to lose a disc or laptop or similar containing the info. seems to be the common approach to how to keep data secure :whistling:

    peoples prision record of sex offenders ect

    Not sure what it is, but:

    If anyone can get hold of the above 'information', please forward it to my inbox. I work at The Sun and I'm looking for an attractive pull-out feature to boost sales figures.

    All the best.

    Here is the image that was meant to go with my post yesterday

    Was having trouble yesterday uploading it to imageshack website. In the meantime I got a suspension for my comments.

    My friend tried to post later from her property, using her ISP, her username, her IP, to forward my apology as below but she Got banned mistakenly as a Multi user, she has contacted the admin her and hopefully it will be sorted for her and it has not put her off as she has never joined any forum before.

    This is the image my friend dontasciime made to go with his post where he … This is the image my friend dontasciime made to go with his post where he mentioned a lot of sucking.He was banned and wishes to apologise to op if he offended them . It was meant as a joke as you can clearly see from the image he made to go with the post. I thought it was quite funny as I'm sure a few others maybe would have thought had he been given the opportunity to add the image to his post that got him banned

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