help in finding a cheaper train/coach ticket =)

    hi, im traveling to plymouth from birmingham on the 14th augest and returning on the 21st augest. ive looked and cheapest i can find is (2 adults) £60 each for coach and £68 for train. can anyone find any cheaper out there, i would be so grateful =)


    Megabus, leaving Birmingham, The Priory Queensway at 16:40, arriving in Plymouth at 22:30 is £6.00 each - two people for £12.00.
    Leaving Plymouth City Centre, Royal Parade at 07:45 on the 21st August, arriving back in Birmingham at 13:40, it is £8.00 for two people, or £4.00 each. There is also a 50p booking fee.
    This was booking the journey as two 'singles' on the routes listed above. So 50p booking fee x2 = £1.00, + £12.00 + £8.00 = £21.00 total for two people, including two booking fees.

    Just noticed that if you book it as a return journey the price is the same (£12.00 and £8.00 for two people), but you only pay one 50p booking fee as it is all in one booking, so £20.50 total.This is with Megabus (

    Hope that helps you.

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    wow! that is bloomin cheap compared to the train n coach i was looking at!. the times are a bit annoying but for the price its brill! cheers and thanks alot! rep given =)

    how odd I am just looking for the same journey (heading falmouth way), glad to see mega bus is cheap I only there site wasnt down today

    Thanks for the info!
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