Help in finding repair info for Relysis R-4210S Plasma TV

    Can anyone help in finding a most common parts on power boards that fail in the tv and make the tv go into protection mode
    any help or info greatly appreciate ...rep given


    The most common thing to go wrong is the power supply.

    but it sounds like a short-circuit if its going into a 'protection mode'
    you might just need to clean out the inside of dust & debris

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    thanks for that phatboy123 ..... anyone know of any sites on net

    You do realise that Relysis are no longer in business?

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    You do realise that Relysis are no longer in business?

    no I didn't has a samsung board in the tv


    Plasma TV 's are generaly deamed to be non repairable item, coz they say they should not go wrong unless handled incorrectly ie laid flat:thumbsup:

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    the screen is fine, it may be the video board
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