Help in getting my laptop working

    I know I'm useless and know absolutely nothing about computers so don't be too hard on me!

    I've just bought a laptop to use with my ipod and to use the internet-I've not got a bt line however and was looking into getting one of the portable 'dongle' type things that the phone companies are using. If I get one of these does this mean the laptop will just start working and if so what are the best deals with the various phone companies.

    Thanks in advance-ignore my ignorance!


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    Thanks for the advice-I;ve just left 3 to move to tmobile so I might try them. I've just got an ipod so just need to transfer some songs onto it from the ipod.and play football manager as well!

    if you have a nokia connect it to your phone via pc suite and connect manually , the best and easy way.


    You may find that simply adding internet access to your phone contract is cheaper than buying a separate contract via a dongle, and you can then connect vis your mobile phone either directly through a usb connection or by using a bluetooth connection. I bought one of these recently and they are great for hooking up to my mobile.…5EO
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