Help in locating a picture sold 25 years ago in Athena Shops

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Found 10th Aug 2009
This is a wild shot, but a colleague at work wants to get this picture for her Dad. She's done the google thing but comes up with countless options because she doesn't know the name of the picture. Does anyone remember it or know a way to limit the search?

I've no idea about the picture so be nice about my description as I'm just typing how it was explained to me...

It's a black and white picture of the moon with an astronaut and the earth is rising behind it. There's a big rock and a cowboy with a bonfire.

Long shot, but I'm hoping someone out there will be able to help or at the least entertain me with your responses.

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have tried but nowt. sorry

is it this classic 'picture of the moon': :whistling:


fits the descroption. apart from the colour

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Most of you are serioulsy warped, but I can't help but smile. Thanks

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I put in black and white moon in the search and didn't come up with it. Thanks anyways.


If you do happen to find it give me a shout and I'll print it for you, I have several Wide format printers so can print any size


Make it extra and your friend can recreate it in your back garden Cowboy. :-D

i've found the 1st picture in the series(pre-bonfire):thumbsup:
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