Help in Loch Lomand

    Hi new to this so hope I'm ok to post this? We are planning a couple of nights in Loch Lomand or near but are new to the area. Could anyone recommend and reasonable but good places to stay? Or any other useful info on that area. Many thanks


    It's Loch Lomond I guess your talking about.....this thread will help…-y/
    Also this link too,they have great lodges etc,but they are expensive,but camp sites too are all around the Loch.
    Also reviews from others that have stayed in area etc…ond

    It is lovely at the Loch.....I go a few times a year.:thumbsup:

    Do you have kids? Or are you looking to go walking/climbing or something like that?

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    Myself, husband and daughter are going - she's 9. Not walking or climbing - more for scenery, food experience.

    Why Loch Lomond btw? There are far nicer places further up north imo. I don't like Loch Lomond much, I go to Ullapool alot though very nice place and has a beach near it too, its beautiful

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    Loch Lomond as it's only going to be a short visit so didn't want to travel too far. We are hoping to travel further north later in the year when we can spend a bit longer there.


    Fantastic stay :thumbsup:

    I guess you already know about Loch Lomond shores?
    It's a small Jenners/Frasers but there's the aquariam which your daughter will probably like. Go to last to get half price tickets after 3pm. Above there, there's the "Kilted Skirlie" restaurant. I wasnt impressed with my (veggie) meal there but it's owned by the folk who own "Peckhams" deli's and theif stuff is always great.There's also the maid on the loch- which has a cafe and you can walk to Balloch from here. Loads of tourists go to the Duck Bay Marina for food because it has great views but unless it's been done up, it's a wee bit naff. There's a big picnic area at Duck Bay. Beside that, there's Cameron House Hotel- if you really want to splash out. A reviewer in the Glasgow Herald thought the "Lodges on The Loch" restaurant was a bit of a touristy rip off... A lot of people recommend the Hungry Monk for food- that's between Balloch and Drymen.

    If you end up staying on the Drymen side of the water, let me know and i can tell you about some of the places on that side too.

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    Thank you so much to everyone for all your information and advice.

    PS. stock up on fuel!
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