HELP - In need of an all-in-one wireless printer that's cheap to run..

    I'm in need an all-in-one wireless printer for printing black and white A4 invoices.

    Will probably only be printing 2000-5000 black and white pages a year.

    Needs to use long lasting and cheap ink.

    Looking to spend anything upto £100 for the printer..

    Thanks you x


    I am also looking for something similar

    get a black and white laser might find it hard to find a wireless all in one for that price though.

    Buy an Epson and get a CISS cartridge system of Ebay, you save a fortune in ink that way.....

    i bought a wireless hp photosmart c4850 from staples for £60 not too long ago. It is a very neat little printer and does everything. Not sure how much the ink is but shouldnt be too bad. Check your local
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