help in repairing psp

    Hi, I was given a psp a long time ago, but it didnt have charger, i put it away whilst i got charger, forgot about it and recently found it again whilst moving home.

    However, one of the buttons has come off and is now lost, its the button shown in the pic in the 1st post.

    Is there anywhere where i can get a replacement button and get this repaired? It still works just hurts ya thumb after a while.


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    Good old paint :thumbsup:

    have you troed deal extreme they have alsorts o stuff like that

    play-asia sell them, so im sure they will be on ebay, i bought about 8 differnet size ones ages ago.

    you just buy the button u don't need to get it repaired it just clips on u can buy it from deal extreme or play-asia

    Just choose the colour you need - $2.15 delivered (about £1.30)
    There's also ]this button kit for $2.29, and probably more stuff if you look around.

    Only thing is, Deal Extreme's delivery takes about 3 weeks so only order if you're not in a rush.
    I ordered a few things on 6 November, and they arrived today!

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    Thanks to everyone. Just ordered the button kit from deal extreme (said ships in 1-3 working days). So will update when(if) it comes!

    i bought one from play asia but was unable to fit it myself, gave it into my local gamezone and they fitted it for £15 (or £30 for them to supply the part too)
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