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    i want to go wireless broadband, my computer isnt set up for it, what do i need anything like this?…tem

    i want it for my nds as well as my pc, the thing on ebay looks well ....rubbish but i havent a clue i dont want to buy anything and find out i need to buy extra's, also wheres the cheapest i could find the things i need, im with virgin media btw dont know if that matters, and are these thing easy to set up? sorry about all the questions


    Who's your ISP? You on Cable or ADSL?

    It would be something like this you need:…384

    That is if I am right in thinking you have broadband already and you want to go wireless instead of having a cable?

    I havent put my own modem/router on a cable connection before, so you may need to get more info from someone who has, but I imagine it's much the same as ADSL.

    PC World wont be the cheapest by the way, but that is all you would need in that bundle as you get the usb wireless adapter with it.


    If you havent a clue, then I would think again. Wireless broadband takes a bit of know how to setup, especially on the security side.



    Nah, most come with a disk that does it all for you in like 10 minutes, … Nah, most come with a disk that does it all for you in like 10 minutes, its easy to do.

    But its a real hassle when things start misbehaving. I must get weekly calls from mates where their wireless connection has problems. I should charge commission although a pint is always nice when I see them :-D

    Thats just scare mongering.

    Use good quality kit and dont mess with it and Wireless is fine. Tis more of a pain to first get set up, but that is no reason to give up on it.

    I can get a wireless connection up and running in under 1 minute, so 10 minutes should be all it would take you normally.

    That said if I could have wired networking all throughout my house I would.



    Thats just scare mongering.

    Are you saying I'm lying?

    I DO get weekly telephone calls from mates with wireless problems. Its easy when you know how but all too easy to mess up over time for noobs.

    I stick with wired as 100% secure and no drop-outs etc. Not always practical I know.


    Are you saying I'm lying?

    lol No I dont mean your lying

    I just mean telling someone that it is too problematic and they should steer clear is scaremongering

    I also gets lots of people calling me saying their wireless wont work, but I also set up wireless for lots of people and never hear from them again about it.

    I agree it is more tricky than wired, but once set up correctly it is a lot less hassle than running wires.

    As stated before though I would always go wire where possible as it is more secure and it is faster.
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